Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Events: Islington Comic Forum 2013/11


Hi. How's it going?

So yeah - this morning I've handed in my notice in at Islington which means that come the end of November I'm out of here which means that (obviously much more importantly) that Tuesday November the 5th is my last Islington Comic Forum.

At this point I don't know if they're going to try and find another member of staff to take over running it - or if (like the other "more serious" book groups in Islington) they get you guys to run it yourselves - or if they just close it down and scatter it's ashes to the wind but whatever. (Bright sides): there's still the Barbican Comic Forum (if you fancy making the trip into the city) and I'm finally moving up the world: seeing how my new job is going to be the guy who hands out the soap in club toilets (exciting!).

But hey - for me the thing to focus on is making November's Comic Forum the best ever. So I've basically just got all of my favourite comics and gathered them in a pile so you can expect: Scott Pilgrim / The Filth / Asterios Polyp / The Boys / The Perry Bible Fellowship / Solanin / The Essential Dykes To Watch Out For / Mezolith / Saga / The Manhattan Projects / Logicomix / Superman: All Star Superman / Complete Future Shocks / Crossed / Stray Toasters / The Twelve / Locke & Key / The Ultimates / D.R. and Quinch / Promethea / Batman: Year 100 / The Bulletproof Coffin / The Umbrella Academy / Prophet / Marvel Zombies / and I whole bunch more that I haven't decided on yet (and some of the ones I wanted to get are out on loan - stupid libraries!): plus yeah a whole bunch of new titles too: and a few donations from Drew and Tam (thanks guys!)

So yeah: Tuesday November the 5th. 6:00pm - 7:30pm upstairs @ North Library.
There is (as always) a facebook thingie (so show your love).
And of course - the book of the month is: Joe The Barbarian (so if you get a chance please read it blah blah blah).

But yeah (uh oh the emotional bit): I'l probably say this in person when I see you all: but damnit I've had a really good time doing the Comic Forum with all of you. I will admit that at the start I was worried that it would just be people talking about who would win in a fight between Superman and Spider-Man (and Will knows what I'm talking about): but it's been a total blast and better than I ever could have hoped: good chats, good times, good readings etc and it's been my absolute pleasure to be the guy that talks too much about how awesome Scott Pilgrim is (and: oh my god - have you read Scott Pilgrim yet? Because you really really really should). So yeah: thank you thank you thank you.

And as for the rest: well - I leave it entirely in your hands.

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